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·  Adjuster Services Inc., ASI, a listing of adjusters and other insurance claim services in Canada.

·  Aetna Canada, Aetna Insurance Company of Canada.

·  American Business Information, Find any USA personal or business phone number and complete address.

·  AXA, AXA Insurance Group.

·  Belair Insurance, Belair Insurance Company of Canada.

·  BUC Marine Search Network, Used boat listings.

·  Canada 411, Find any Canadian personal or business phone number and complete address.

·  Canadian Association of Fire Investigators, Canadian Association of Fire Investigators.

·  Canadian Coast Guard, Canadian Coast Guard information, Canada Shipping Act, PFD's and lifejackets, and other regulations.

·  Canadian Institute of Actuaries, Canadian Institute of Actuaries; facts and figures for insurance actuaries and the general public.

·  Canadian Marine Manufacturer's Association, CMMA boating information, links to boat manufacturers.

·  Canadian Maritime Law Association, Canadian Maritime Law Association; issues in legal matters relating to Admiralty Law in Canada.

·  Chris Giaschi's Maritime Law Page, New Legal Developments in Canadian Maritime Law, Canadian Admiralty Legal Cases.

·  CIGNA, CIGNA Insurance Group.

·  Continental, Continental Insurance Company of Canada.

·  Co-operators, The Co-operators Insurance Company of Canada.

·  Department of Fisheries & Oceans, DFO publications, aquaculture, Canadian Coast Guard, fisheries management.

·  Equinox, Equinox Financial Canada.

·  General Accident, General Accident Assurance Company of Canada.

·  Glossary of Insurance Terms, The Complete Glossary of Insurance Coverage Explanations.

·  Institute of Marine Law, Institute of Marine Law (United Kingdom).

·  Insurance Adjusters Resource Centre, Insurance Adjusters Resource Centre.

·  Insurance and Planning Resource Centre, Insurance and Planning Resource Centre.

·  Insurance and Risk Management Central, Insurance and Risk Management Central.

·  Insurance Bureau of Canada, IBC, General insurance information, news releases, public concerns, safety issues, airbags (SRS) usage.

·  Insurance Canada, Insurance Canada.

·  Insurance Institute of Canada, IIC courses information.

·  Insurance News Network, Insurance News Network; glossary of insurance terms, insurance news.

·  Insurance Search Bureau of Canada, Insurance Search Bureau of Canada; information searches for adjusters and others.

·  Insurance Yellow Pages, Insurance Services Directory; comprehensive listings for all facets of insurance.

·  Jim's Marine Insurance Links, Everything on the Internet of interest and use to ocean marine insurance professionals.

·  Life Insurance;, Life insurance company that offers free online quotes for auto, health, homeowners, whole and term life insurance. Also provides a list of insurance resources and glossary terms.

·  Maritime Life, Maritime Life Assurance Company of Canada.

·  National Alliance for Insurance Education and Research, The National Alliance for Insurance Education and Research (USA); insurance information, magazine.

·  Office of Boating Safety, Vessel safety regulations, publications, fatality reports for boating.

·  Ontario Insurance Adjusters Association (OIAA), OIAA adjusters information and code of ethics, 'Without Prejudice' publication.

·  Professional Boatbuilders Magazine, Materials and design techniques for construction and repair of vessels.

·  Progressive, Progressive Insurance Company.

·  Promutuel, Promutuel Assure Les Quebecoises.

·  Prudential, The Prudential Insurance Company.

·  Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario, RIBO, Insurance brokers information.

·  Royal, The Royal Insurance Company.

·  Rupp's Insurance Glossary, Rupp's Insurance and Risk Management Glossary.

·  Transport Canada, Transport Canada regulations and news releases, road and marine safety, regulation of small vessels.

·  Trent Severn Waterway, Parks Canada, Information about the Trent Severn, and other locks and canals, boating safety, how a lock works.

·  United States Coast Guard, Office of Boating Safety, Boating safety, accident statistics, manufacturer's recalls, manufacturer's identification codes.

·  University of Calgary--Insurance Resources, general insurance information and resources.

·  Zurich, Zurich Insurance Group.

·  Zurich American Insurance Company, Offers marine insurance, cargo insurance, and commercial marine insurance solutions and services.


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